The Floral Jewellery Collection by David Keating

David Keating, the designer of The Floral Collection, is a leading jewellery designer who has been sitting at the jewellery bench for over 45 years as a goldsmith. David has had a varied career with some notable large commissions. David’s workshop is based behind a shop in Wanstead, East London, which showcases many of his designs.

At Godfrey Jewellers we have decided to ‘pick’ this jewellery collection to showcase on our site.

The Floral Collection’s designs were originally launched in the 1980’s as a part of a wedding ring collection, these proved very popular and were sold throughout the country at a number of independent jewellers. Last year David, along with his daughter Verity decided to use these original designs and turn them into a fresh up-to-date collection of jewellery which pairs them with semi-precious stones and casting single flowers. The collection includes many unique handcrafted floral designs, including flower earrings, flower necklace and flower pendants to name a few.

All of the collection is based on natural flowers with rings mainly taking the form of band rings. Choose between drop earrings or stud earrings. The drop earrings are mainly adorned with semi-precious stones. Stud earrings are generally plain natural flowers in design but beautiful none the less. The flower necklace can take the form of a flower pendant on a loose chain, pendant necklaces where the pendant forms an integral part of the chain or semi-precious stone strung with a handcrafted floral centrepiece.

The Flower rings would make excellent wedding rings especially on your wedding day adorned with matching necklace and drop earrings.

We hope you enjoy browsing these products and become as excited about the collection as us.