I have been using the technique of wrapping (twisting wire round beads) for around fifteen years as of 2022. I had previously been selling under the name missy K, which was a play on my maiden name (Carly Keating).
Around that time I was getting married and thought it would be nice to try to keep a part of my old name. However in hindsight it didn’t make it clear that they were in fact being made in house, by me. So to make it clearer and for me to feel a better connection with my pieces, I’m letting everyone know what I can do, and if there’s a specific design and/or stone you’d like I can make bespoke commission pieces. I specialise in bridal and bridesmaid, making all the jewellery for our wedding and having sold a lot of pearl and crystal necklaces for brides some of which were special commissions. I can also get exact (or very near) matches of colour themes using semi-precious stones, glass or freshwater pearls or any combination. Do not hesitate to get in touch via phone or email to enquire about your needs. I’m looking forward to working with you, Carly x