Pearl Jewellery in 9ct Gold, Sterling Silver & TI2 Titanium

The lustre, the hues of the rainbow or grown naturally in the sea or rivers. There are so many reasons that pearls continue to be a staple in the jewellery trade. Pearls have such a depth to their appearance then with their smooth surface that shines so bright and reflects every tiny bit of light even in the shade.

At Godfrey jewellers we stock a huge range of Freshwater Cultured Pearls in a range of natural or dyed colours.

Akoya handmade pearl earrings feature Heavily in our range and on occasion we will have some South Sea  and Tahitian Pearls to widen our range further.

Our pearls are all set in precious metal settings and with lots of our earring and pendant mounts featuring diamonds, we’re sure you’ll find a pearl for every occassion.