High Quality Products Made from Ti2 Titanium

Ti2 Titanium is the UK’s leading titanium manufacturers. They are pioneers in anodising, the way of colouring the titanium, and have a produced a wide and varied range of colours and designs.

The colours they have named as their range has come from doing extensive research with the anodising process to find which colours can be replicated to the correct tolerance and vibrancy time after time. Environmental factors can affect the outcomes of colours during this process. However the ten core colours they have produced are Tan, Coffee Brown, Navy Blue, Mid Blue, Aqua Blue, Lemon Yellow, Candy Pink, Imperial Purple, Kingfisher Blue and Fresh Green, some inbetween colours can also be seen featuring in a small amount of products, as well as Black and Natural.

We at Godfrey Jewellers manufacturer wide range of beautiful and elegant products from this high grade titanium which is proudly worn by people all around the globe.

Our range of titanium products includes:

1) The Wireworks range uses Titanium wire bent and curled into different shapes to create a range of drop titanium earrings uk.

2) The Chaos Range is made using just titanium wire bent, twisted and curled to make chaotic consistant shapes.  Each piece will differ slightly as the twisting is not uniform, but each piece is made to a certain length and/or size.

3) The Flowers range has three shapes of flowers, the ten petal, the five petal and the four petal. The range consists of pendants that start at  very small delicate pieces and go up to large statement pieces with two or more layers and colours. Titanium Earrings in UKcan be studs or drop and again comes in different sizes.  Most the styles come in at least ten different colours. special requests on colourways will also be considered but will be subject to the colours available.

4) Nature Inspired Range, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Feathers and Seedpod ranges are also available along with other staples like ball studs, pearl drop earrings and hoop earrings in a variety of sizes.